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Brand enhancement through innovative dispensing

Flairosol® Next Generation Spray

Flairosol® is the alternative to aerosols and enables brands to differentiate by moving to a high performing, healthier and more sustainable solution. Using a non-pressurized container and without the use of propellants, Flairosol delivers a high-quality continuous spray. The system is refillable, allowing a more sustainable solution and innovative business models.

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Pre-compression trigger sprayers

AFA’s trigger sprayers are the most advanced, effective and efficient sprayer systems in today’s market.
Our patented pre-compression technology is the basis for our premium line of sprayers.

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Flair® technology

The Flair technology allows to separate the liquid content from air. This unique two-layer container technology enables extended shelf-life and freshness of products as well as a multitude of dispensing options.

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