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Headquartered in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Afa is a leading developer and a global supplier of technology-rich, liquid dispensing products, and is the preferred supplier of many of the top brands in home and garden care, food, beverage and other packaged goods. 

Shortly after its incorporation in 1965 as a custom injection-molder, Afa started to produce its own products, and in the early 1970's became the first company to offer the trigger sprayer in Europe. Since then, Afa has continued to focus on developing proprietary technologies that enable it to offer unique, liquid dispensing products to the global markets, and its latest propellant-free bottle and spray platform - Flair and Flairosol - are the most advanced and wide range alternative to aerosol and pressurized packages.

In a market where most dispensing packages are fast becoming commodities, branded products are facing increased competition from private labels. Afa provides the solution by applying its proprietary technologies as a platform for developing new ways to dispense all types of liquids, beverages, soft food products and other fluids. Afa offers its customers a comprehensive solution, combining the service of its renowned Liquid Dispensing R&D Center, its mass-production capabilities and its customer care on three continents to create an enlightening, creative and satisfying experience from the moment the customer is first engaged with Afa.

Afa’s ability to offer dispensing solutions that enrich its customers’ brands is a function of Afa’s innovation philosophy:
separating the liquid from its propellant and thereby achieving control over the liquid flow and its dispensing.
Accordingly, all of Afa’s products are based on its proprietary bottle and dispenser platforms, which give the product designer great
flexibility in terms of controlling the liquid and determining its intensity, as well as the timing and location of its interaction with the propellant medium. Consequently, products that use Afa’s dispensing packages provide greater value to the consumer, such as longer shelf life,
a drip-free experience, measured-dose and fine-mist dispensing, a thick-foam option, upside-down dispensing and a 100% evacuation rate.

Afa’s product range includes pre-compression sprayers (OpUs and Opad), an airless and gas-free aerosol-like dispenser (Flairosol), the most advanced spray-mop line on the market (Samba)
and a number of customized applications that use Afa’s dispensing platforms to create greater value to the consumer, such as Heineken’s home draft-beer system.

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