THE SUB is HEINEKEN’s latest innovation for the fast growing at-home beer market. The sleek, stylish draught beer lifestyle appliance taps into the urban consumers’ increasing desire to enjoy a premium draught beer experience in their own home.

With the machine comes THE TORP®, a brand new 2 liter keg which completes the system enabling consumers to
pour perfect quality, super chilled beers. In THE TORP we find Afa’s patented FLAIR® bag-in-bottle technology.

Afa and HEINEKEN have closely collaborated to develop the container that fully benefits from the advantages of Afa’s FLAIR technology, in particular long shelf life, extended product freshness and design freedom. The combination of the SUB and TORP illustrates Afa’s mission of brand enhancement through innovative dispensing.

Heineken Torps with Afa's FLAIR bag-in-bottle technologyMore about THE SUB and TORP at





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