Next Generation Spray

Flairosol is the next generation spray solution that sets brands apart by offering a high performing, healthier and more sustainable way of dispensing liquids.

Using a non-pressurized container and without the use of propellants, Flairosol delivers a high-quality continuous spray. The system is refillable, allowing a more sustainable solution and innovative business models.

Flairosol is engineered with multiple patents and can be applied to a multitude of usage areas. The fine mist combined with the continuous spray allows the effortless and even coverage of large surfaces, fabrics, air and even the body.

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Flairosol in a nutshell:

  • High quality mist-like-spray that spreads evenly and perfectly.
  • Propellant-Free & Non-Pressurized - Frees your brand from problematic propellant gases and high-pressurized cans.
  • Continuous spray - Repeated actuation creates an endless spray allowing large areas to be covered quickly and easily.
  • Refillable - Providing sustainability for your brand.
  • Refill-bottle - Providing the possibility to stay connected with your consumers, increase sustainability even more & save costs.
  • Near 100% evacuation & 360o dispensing - When used with our FLAIR-bottle the system can:
    • Dispense >98% of the product, leaving <2% residue
    • Continuously dispense from any angle (360o) equivalent to an aerosol system.