A history of innovation

Afa was established as a custom plastic molder in 1965. In the early 1970s, Afa began producing trigger sprayers under license from its American inventor,
and until 1998 continued to serve both as a custom molder and as a producer of its own products.
Under new ownership Afa exited the custom-molding segment and invested heavily in liquid-dispensing technologies in order
to pursue its “brand enhancement through innovative dispensing” strategy.
With this strategy Afa has emerged as the leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative dispensing systems,
which bring greater value to the consumer. The key milestones in Afa’s history include:

Historical benchmarks

1965 Established as a custom molder

1971 Obtained sales & production licenses for the trigger sprayer

1970s Hybrid custom molder & sprayer manufacturer

1998 Afa steps away from custom molding & adopts a new strategy

1999 Introduction of the OnePak® sprayer platform

2002 The first OnePak® product – the new OpAd® trigger sprayer

2004 Launch of home draft-beer system

2005 Afa expands production to China

2007 Introduction of the OpUs® trigger sprayer & the Bona floor mop

2008 Opening of Afa Dispensing Group North American sales & service office

2008 Introduction of the Flair® dispensing technology platform

2010 The OpUs® becomes the fastest-selling sprayer ever to enter the market

2013 The introduction of Flairosol®

2013 Introduction of the Samba spray mop

2019 The introduction of the OpUs Verte (PCR sprayer)

2020 Move to Eindhoven


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