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Goodbye and a warm welcome

2020 is proving to be an exceptional year for many and it is just the same for us at AFA Dispensing.

We are saying a fond farewell to our old home in Helmond and looking forward to welcoming our colleagues,
customers, and business partners to our new global headquarters in Eindhoven.

We are about to move to “Strijp T”, a dynamic, inspiring, and innovative part of Eindhoven
which used to be a Philips industrial design and manufacturing site.

Our new AFA home is an impressive, industrial building complemented with beautiful green areas,
located within easy reach of highways and public transport networks.
This building has been completely renovated while retaining the industrial design
and with respect for the existing architectural character.

We will move over in the weekend of August 1st.

Our new address details:
AFA Dispensing
Achtseweg Zuid 151B
5651 GW Eindhoven 

Postbox 4533
5601 EM Eindhoven 

Telephone number 0031 (0)40-309 9600 (from the 1st of August)

We took a great step on the way towards the environmental sustainability of plastic dispensing systems for liquids.
As of this year, one of the best-selling items produced by us,

P&G recently launched the Mr. Clean - hard surface cleaning line in the US, their Clean Freak Mist.

Jason Markk, a professional premium Sneaker Care brand, has introduced a new Stain & Water Repellent and used Flairosol packaging. 

US based company Farnam (one of the brands of Central Garden & Pet) emphasizes that the bond between a horse an

A runny nose, eyes which tear up, skin irritation?
Sounds like an allergic reaction to dust mite, pollen or some types of molds which live within your own house.


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