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AFA more and more goes green!

Removing stains and odors with a biofriendly cleaning product … without the use of chemicals.
All this can be achieved by the same means: Effective Microorganisms, called "EM" shortly. 

EM is a mixture of naturally occurring microorganisms. EM is the product for anyone who has a heart for nature
and wants to ensure a clean future in his/her own environment.
This is exactly what Dutch supplier of EM, AGRITON (, stands for. 

EM Microbial solution to save the earth

Of course an environmental friendly product requires a dispensing system which respects the laws of nature. 
Agriton found the ultimate solution in Flairosol, because it dispenses the liquid without the use of propellant gases and pressurised containers.     

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US based company Farnam (one of the brands of Central Garden & Pet) emphasizes that the bond between a horse an

A runny nose, eyes which tear up, skin irritation?
Sounds like an allergic reaction to dust mite, pollen or some types of molds which live within your own house.

Dare to be different? Dare to stand out?

Have a look at the movie which Ha-Ra created.

Just click the image below.. 

Japanese company, A2care disinfectant, chose Flairosol as THE packaging to take

Febreze ONE fabric and air mist, a first-of-its-kind product containing no aerosols, no dyes and no heavy perfumes, has been named a Product of the Year winner for 2018.


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