Q-VIVA and Flairosol fight allergies together

A runny nose, eyes which tear up, skin irritation?
Sounds like an allergic reaction to dust mite, pollen or some types of molds which live within your own house.

Belgium company Q-VIVA has the solution, they developed a probiotic allergen spray.
The spray actively breaks down the sources which cause these allergic reactions.
Only thing that you need to do is to spray the liquid on your textiles, once a day,
(with our Flairosol as the packaging to dispense the liquid) and results should already be there after 10 days.

Watch the video below (spoken word is in Dutch, but you will get the message) and you will get a clear explanation on how the spray works. 

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We are delighted to announce the launch of a further generation of Flairosol dispensers:
our Flairosol Sofia (personal care).

2020 is proving to be an exceptional year for many and it is just the same for us at AFA Dispensing.

We took a great step on the way towards the environmental sustainability of plastic dispensing systems for liquids.
As of this year, one of the best-selling items produced by us,

P&G recently launched the Mr. Clean - hard surface cleaning line in the US, their Clean Freak Mist.

Jason Markk, a professional premium Sneaker Care brand, has introduced a new Stain & Water Repellent and used Flairosol packaging. 


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