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Flairosol against dirt & water

Jason Markk, a professional premium Sneaker Care brand, has introduced a new Stain & Water Repellent and used Flairosol packaging. 

With the smart, re-usable head and convenient refill features added in, Repel is much more
environmentally friendly than hazardous aerosols.


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Just as last year, we will be present at the PCD tradeshow in beautiful Paris.

Removing stains and odors with a biofriendly cleaning product … without the use of chemicals.

A new accessory has been designed for the OpUsTM trigger sprayer to prevent accidental leakage

Exciting times for Flairosol! Febreze & Flairosol combined their strengths and arranged the perfect marriage

A beautiful "green" launch for Flairosol!


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