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OpUs Verte (PCR sprayer), leader in sustainability and in color!

We took a great step on the way towards the environmental sustainability of plastic dispensing systems for liquids.
As of this year, one of the best-selling items produced by us,
will be available in a model that has for a large part been produced using post-consumer recycled (PCR) products. 

The OpUs Verte, as the new sprayer is called, is the successor of the popular OpUs which is known for its renowned precompression technology. 
A unique aspect of the OpUs Verte, is that it is readily available in a large variety of colors.

Let us show you via this short animation in what way we re-use plaste waste! 




Exciting times for Flairosol! Febreze & Flairosol combined their strengths and arranged the perfect marriage

A beautiful "green" launch for Flairosol!

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Most of us are well aware of the fact that the environment is a booming topic of conversation.


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