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The OnePak® Revolutionopad onepak

The aim of the OnePak® philosophy was to re-invent and integrate the functions and components of the trigger sprayer into the bottle. This led to ease of manufacturing, filling and consumer refill capabilities. The re-invented spray engine proved to be an exceptional dispensing mechanism, which was used for the first-generation OpAd® trigger sprayers. The OpAd® incorporated the newly devised pre-compression dome valve with the first snap-on sprayer. This provided not only the most highly efficient valving technology in the industry, but also the best spray and foam patterns. The snap-on feature rapidly became the European standard for sprayer fitments.

onepAkThe OpAd® was a fast commercial success but was somewhat limited by the snap-on fitment,
which could not be used with industry-standard continuous thread (CT) neck finishes.
Afa responded by developing a second generation of OnePak® sprayers: the OpUs® trigger sprayers.
The OpUs® eliminated the limitations of OpAd® and became the most successful trigger sprayer ever to enter the market.
Equipped with our patented pre-compression spray engine, the OpUs® provides the option of either a snap-on or screw-on fitment with a unique look and feel.



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