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OpUs trigger sprayer

Since its launch in 2008, Afa’s OpUs has proven to be the fastest selling trigger sprayer in history. OpUs offers technological and marketing advantages to our customers through environmentally friendly all-plastic polyolefin construction, pre-compression functionality and stylish looks and feel.  This true pre-compression trigger sprayer provides superior spray and foam patterns while perpetually maintaining prime.

Benefits of OpUs trigger sprayer

  • Powerful pre-compression dispensing; premium spray & foam patterns, minimal fall-off, perpetually primed
  • Durable all-plastic construction
  • Continuous thread/screw-on and snap-on neck finishes available
  • Variety of spray and foam patterns available
  • Range of optional features including 360o spraying, labeling and passive venting
  • Certified child-resistant trigger sprayers in Europe and the United States
  • Multiple outputs available

The OnePak® Revolution

Afa’s revolutionary OnePak® pre-compression technology: taking trigger sprayers to the next level. Excellence in performance, durability and efficiency.


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Unique pre-compression trigger sprayers

Afa’s trigger sprayers are the most advanced, effective and efficient spray systems in today’s market. Our patented pre-compression technology is the basis for our premium line of sprayers.

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