OpUs Verte

Made with Post-Consumer Recycled resin

Trigger sprayers / OpUs Verte

AFA’s best-selling product – The OpUs trigger sprayer, is available in a new colorful version that is made with Post-Consumer Recycled resin. The only all polyolefin pre-compression trigger sprayer made with PCR-resin which is available in multiple colors.

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OpUs® Verte

This new sprayer within AFA’s portfolio is named the OpUs Verte (Verte = Green) was developed with the goal to reduce overall virgin plastic resin consumptions by at least 50%. This OpUs Verte consists for 47% of PCR material, a huge step in sustainability.

OpUs Verte, although made with recycled plastics, maintains the same high performance of its predecessor, the OpUs.


Most PCR based sprayers are available in black or dark grey only. AFA was able to secure a white stream of post-consumer products, recycled to PCR resin by a certified and reliable supplier. As a result, OpUs Verte is available in various color options, even in white, so that brands can opt for PCR without sacrificing their brand image and own color identity.

Benefits of the OpUs Verte

  • Made with PCR resin
  • Many color variations possible incl. white
  • The same basic overall strong features as our OpUs trigger sprayer