Brand Enhancement through innovative dispensing

Trigger sprayers with unique pre-compression technology

Afa’s patented OnePak® pre-compression technology forms the basis for our premium line of advanced and efficient trigger sprayers. Unlike conventional trigger sprayers, Afa’s pre-compression system efficiently dispenses the output at high velocity, creating powerfully consistent spray and foam patterns. Pre-compression technology keeps the trigger sprayer perpetually primed and also minimizes liquid “fall-off” or “boulders” (large droplets of liquid) during spraying. This makes for high performance and efficient trigger sprayers that are greatly valued by consumers and brands alike.

Pre- compression increases the pressure inside the sprayer as the trigger is actuated; once the liquid pressure inside the sprayer reaches 3 Bars / 43.5 psi, the pre-compression valve opens, creating an efficient and powerful dispersion of liquid at high velocity. The histograms below illustrate the benefits of pre-compression trigger sprayers versus conventional trigger sprayers.

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  • Close proximity of the Priming Dome & Check Valve = fewer strokes to prime
  • Powerful drip-free dispensing with comfortable spray action
  • Superior spray & foam patterns with consistent droplet size
  • Valves always closed when sprayer is not in operation
  • Once primed, always primed & ready for use
  • No leakage when the nozzle is open
  • Distinct spritz sound


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