Common Social Influence Techniques used in Marketing

"Many companies are tempted to outsource their marketing branch to other competent companies. However, this is not always necessary. AFA Dispensing gives a few tips regarding how you, as a company, can improve your marketing with the use of the social influencing techniques by Cialdini (1987)."

The Science of the Senses - The power of sensory stimuli in product design

"A multi-sensory packaging creates a valuable product and brand experience for the customer. It is not just the visual aspect that is of importance. 40% of consumers are visually oriented and will have an eye for design and details of the package. But the remaining 60% of consumers have a different sensory preference; feeling, hearing, tasting or smelling.
It is advisable to take this into account when designing and developing a package." 

Market Leadership through innovation

"Companies have been trying to get ahead of their competition or develop their own market by means of innovation for decades.
Creating innovative products is not easy. In this whitepaper, we elaborate on three challenges a lot of innovative companies are faced with.
he case study explains how AFA Dispensing's Research and Development department deals with these challenges."


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